CHRI urges government to pass the right to information bill

media graphicAccra, February 20, 2013

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), has appealed to government to pass the Right to Information bill.

In an interview on Ghana’s flagship programme, Awake, the Coordinator of the African Regional Office, Mina Mensah, lamented about the delay in the passage of the right to information bill.

According to her, “the bill was made before parliament in February 2010 and then it was referred to the parliamentary joint committee, communication, constitutional and parliamentary affairs to work on the it.

 “In 2011,  they went on regional  tours to consult Ghanaians on their views   and they were supposed to report back to parliament with the report. As we speak , the report has not been given to parliament.”

Madam Mina Mensah indicated that, “the fundamental human rights and UN declaration in 1946 at the inception of the UN  and the right to information was one of the things that they resolved  according to  the 1946 resolution, which  says the right to information is the fundamental human right."

She added that, “The delay in the passage of the bill can come to an end if everyone can come on board and speak out, become a campaigner for the right to information, share the information with our local community, speak out to the media to help with their bit and as well speak to their parliamentary representatives.”

 Ghanaians, according to her, have every right to be given what they want from the government because they choose them.

“Parliament has a responsibility to ensure that we who elected them in there, they do  what will benefit us. I guess you are a parliamentarian because you represent your constituency.”

Making a final appeal, Mina Mensah said, “We want an effective law, a beneficial law, a law that Ghanaians cannot refuse.”

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