Police patrol car knocks and kills motor rider

PoliceAccra, February 19, 2013

A police patrol this Monday afternoon knocked down a dispatch rider on the Atomic Road, Legon.

The victim who was rushed to the 37 military hospital died after a few hours.

The police patrol car with registration number GP 1247 according to eyewitnesses was overtaking about five cars. The driver collided with the motor rider in the process.

When e.tv Ghana news team got to the scene, the victim was left lying on the side
of the road with no attention given to him.

However, pressure from the news crew forced police officers to transport the victim to the hospital. Eyewitnesses shared what ensued with ETV news.

The news team gathered that the victim works with the Royal Dutch pharmaceutical whole sale division in Accra.

After a while some police officers at the atomic station arrived at the scene. Upon seeing the eyewitnesses briefing the news crew on what happened, they vent their anger on them.

The police officers who were involved in the accident declined to speak to the news crew. Further checks on the victim at the 37 military hospital revealed that he died a few hours after he was sent to the hospital.

Priscilla Selinam Sogah / e.tv Ghana news.


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