The 2012 Ghana Television report

television set 1Accra, January 27, 2013

The Institute of Media Practice has released its 2012 Ghana Television Report. The report focuses on the dynamics of Television viewing in Ghana and captures in detail, the extent to which Ghanaians potentially watch Television. Using a number of parameters to determine a 92% accuracy rate, the methodology is based on a critical assessment of the National Population Census Report 2012.

The National Communications Authority Report on Television Stations and their reach, The National Digital Migration Report 2012, Sample size of 2000 Ghanaians across the country using Age demographics and 14 day monitoring and evaluation of several Television programmes and their viewing patterns in Key communities.

 The President of the Institute, JOT Agyeman says the report provides a holistic and assimilated data that is verifiable, reliable and simple to understand. He is adamant that in spite of the growing economy, Television viewing in Ghana is below international standards and Ghana only has a Television viewing population of about 25% of the total population.

 Key indicators in the report show a decline in infrastructure development by Television Stations and a clear misunderstanding of the impending digital migration in 2014-2015.

The report suggests that Ghana Television (GTV) with its 39 Transmission sites across the country has not capitalised on its share of the market to bring Television to the doorsteps of the masses.  With the influx of private Television stations, GTV has a tall order yet an enormous playing field to create and implement programmes that are both appealing to the masses and commercially viable.

 The Ghana Television Report 2012 gives advertisers and corporate institutions an opportunity to explore new ways of advertising and new dimensions in marketing.

Television Stations also have an opportunity to address their required challenges as the report points out some shortfalls in individual stations.

The next report is out in June 2013. For copies of the full report go to

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